Revisiting my 2023 Roadmap

On the first day of the new year I published My 2023 Roadmap, an overview of my major goals and how I would accomplish them.

This list is ongoing. I reevaluate my goals several times throughout the year as I complete objectives and evolve my desires.

Since January, I have made significant progress. I am in need of some new goals. (YAY)

My goals were as follows:

  • I want to achieve moderate financial freedom.
  • I want to get a full-time job.
  • I want to focus on writing as my main creative output.
  • I will transition the Lectory.
  • I will continue my self-improvement journey/mental health journey.

Since January I have gotten a full-time, work-from-home job that I love AND have begun saving and investing my money with my husband.

More on my new job in Team Treehouse. (Coming soon)

I feel fantastic about what I have achieved thus far in 2023. I feel really good at my new job and, despite being out of the honeymoon period with the new position, know that the workload is both low-stress and a fun challenge for me.

Who would have thought that I would love sales? Not me. This has reminded me why it is important to try new things.

I enjoy going to work every day and feel good about my performance when I am done in the evening. This leaves my mind freed up to think about other things.

With that extra headspace, I will be replacing my finished goals with two new goals and buckling down on my ongoing pursuits.

A refresher on my ongoing goals:

I want to focus on writing as my main creative output.

I will write every day.

I will write blogs and post them to my website weekly.

I will enroll in a creative writing class in the fall.

I will complete a full draft of a novel.

I will transition the Lectory.

I will transition the Lectory from my main income into a hobby business.

I will build a consistent yet leisurely upload schedule across all platforms. It must be something I can maintain whilst I work full-time. (TBD)

I will start producing The Lectory Podcast again and post once a month.

I will release one knitting pattern in 2023.

I will sell one hand-bound book per month.

I will teach at least one class per season at the Inventor Center.

I will continue my self-improvement/mental health journey.

I will maintain my daily habits:

  • Read 30 minutes
  • Eat at least one full healthy meal
  • Walk/stretch/work out/hike
  • Journal
  • Knit
  • Code 30 minutes
  • Wake up at or before 8:00am

I will create a cleaning schedule.

I will respond to texts and emails as soon as I see them.

Here is what I am adding to my list:

I want to spend 6 weeks living abroad in Budapest.

My husband and I will make a savings account to fund a long-term trip.

My husband and I will do research and plan the trip.

My husband and I will create a plan for working abroad.

My husband and I will (hopefully) go to Budapest in 2024.

I want to move into a house.

My husband and I will find a house to rent.

We will end our current lease in July and move into said house.

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