Tunnel Vision

Tower bells call the tower fell.

They long to return home to the underground
through the twisting passages, the tunnels of the city
reach far beyond the innards of the metropolis;
under street and shop, home and park
the entry to which I could tell you if you wish –
but beware, he who desires entry
for we sense your presence,
and we know your entrance,
and should you misuse,
should you defile –

Shut out.
Closed up.

A new created for another who seeks
who shall not toil in mischief;
one chance only is afforded each
so keep it secret and do not forget
for others wish from you to take
the portal to which they would forsake
but our society is strong and well
carefully planted, its members live to tell
of honor, glory, and the ones drug out
to hang.

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