My 2023 Roadmap

I am a proponent of life mapping. Ever since I was a teenager I have set concrete goals and divided each into achievable steps to guide me to success. It’s how I wrote a complete draft of a novel in 2018 whilst being a full-time college student. I set the goal and built a roadmap to success. In 2017 I wanted to journal every day, and now I’ve been daily journaling for six years.

In 2021 I did Jordan Peterson’s Future Authoring Program. It was rigorous and took me a week to complete, but it was the most in-depth I had gone into breaking down my vision of the future, qualifying why I wanted to pursue my chosen goals, and how these goals would transform my life.

The Future Authoring Program is designed to help you imagine your ideal future, three to five years down the road. What would your life be like if you could set it up in the manner that would be best for you? You will be asked to consider the people you admire, things you could do better, your educational and career goals, what habits you would like to improve, your family life, your social network, and your leisure activities.

Jordan Peterson, Self Authoring Suite

At this point in time, I do not feel the need to completely redo my roadmap. My ideal vision of the future is still in alignment with what I wrote in 2021. I did, however, achieve many of my goals on that list and thus revisited it midway through 2022 to reevaluate my goals and add new ones.

In 2022 I got married, moved across the country, worked on my online presence, and started my career. I have settled into my new life and have other goals that I want to bring to the forefront. A lot of the goals listed below are things I have already been working on for some time, but that I think are important to maintain consciously, like my daily habits.

I want to refocus my mind and energy going into the new year. To achieve this I brain-dumped my vision for the coming year, what I want to work on, what I want to achieve, and where I want to focus my energy. From that, I separated my vision into five main categories. This list will not include all of my processes, just my main goals and sub-goals.

I want to achieve moderate financial freedom.

I need to make a full-time salary.

I will track all money expenses by month.

My partner and I will make a joint bank account and invest a set amount of money into that account each month.

I will learn about investing and create a plan for investing my earned money.

I will limit my expenses through conscious shopping. (ie: is this replacing something / do I have something like this already?)

I want to have the freedom to take a two-week no-work vacation.

I want to get a full-time job.

I will pitch myself for and interview for remote full-time jobs.

I will continue to build my portfolio by working on interesting projects that I care about.

I will get a remote job with one company.

I will continue to build my reputation within my industry by creating value.

I want to focus on writing as my main creative output.

I will write every day.

I will write blogs and post them to my website weekly.

I will enroll in a creative writing class.

I will complete a full draft of a novel.

I will transition the Lectory.

I will transition the Lectory from my main income into a hobby business.

I will build a consistent yet leisurely upload schedule across all platforms. It must be something I can maintain whilst I work full-time. (TBD)

I will start producing The Lectory Podcast again and post once a month.

I will release one knitting pattern in 2023.

I will sell one hand-bound book per month.

I will teach at least one class per season at the Inventor Center.

I will continue my self-improvement/mental health journey.

I will maintain my daily habits:

  • Read 30 minutes
  • Eat at least one full healthy meal
  • Walk/stretch/work out/hike
  • Journal
  • Knit
  • Code 30 minutes
  • Wake up at or before 8:00am

I will create a cleaning schedule.

I will respond to texts and emails as soon as I see them.


All of these goals are subject to change and will be modified as I forge on into the new year. Nothing has changed within me since the clock struck midnight, but I always feel invigorated by the new year.

I hope you feel empowered to go after your goals in 2023. Remember, goal setting is not just an activity for January 1st. You can choose to make a change at any point in your life no matter the day, month, or year.

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