Career Hackers

I started a new job as a TikTok content creator at! Career Hackers is a media company on a mission to help people discover and do what makes them come alive.

At Career Hackers, we post articles, a daily newsletter called the Daily Job Hunt, and video content with job-hunt hacks, methods, resources, and advice.

Heres how I got the job:

I heard through the Praxis community that Career Hackers was considering TikTok as a new platform for content. I knew I had to help share the Career Hackers mindset. I was so sure that I started brainstorming TikTok ideas.

That same week I made two free TikToks and a pitch video.

My pitch video:

After two great Zoom calls, I got the job, and one week later I posted my first video to the official Career Hackers TikTok.

Check out the Career Hackers TikTok:

My latest video is about letting go of the pressure to find your passion and focus on what you don’t suck at, what you don’t hate, and what people value.

Check out my latest video: Cut Out What You Hate.


Normalize taking action. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself, because it won’t. Career hacking is about the relentless pursuit of discovering and doing what makes you come alive. Take the first step and cut out what you hate. #burnyourresume #careeradvice #careertiktok #careertiktok #careergoals #fyp #resume #takeaction #careerhackers #skiptheresume #coach #careercoachadvice

♬ original sound – Career Hackers

My personal goal for this project is to grow by 1% every day. I will improve my writing, video editing, networking, and communication. In six weeks my videos will be superior to what I produce today.

Follow along to see my progress!

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