Learn to Love Learning

If you’ve spent five minutes outside the classroom, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t actually use much of what you learned from school in your day-to-day life.

And that’s normal.

Why would I need to know the quadratic formula unless I’m a math major?

Even if you don’t think the information is useful, you should teach yourself anyways.

As someone who loves learning (useless information and skills), it’s not the knowledge gained that is particularly helpful in most instances.

The act of learning new and challenging information changes my brain and strengthens my ability to think critically and problem-solve.

Mathematics sharpens my mind.

Students should not be compelled to learn for the utility of the knowledge being transferred, but because learning is what they are designed to do.

I wrote Learn to Love Learning for Career Hackers to discuss how the American school system kills children’s innate desire to learn and how we can de-school ourselves as adults.

Check it out: https://careerhackers.com/learn-to-love-learning/

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